Saastha Engineering Solutions

“Get into a network of antennas.“

About us

Saastha Engineering Solutions is an Engineering company establishing through advanced concepts in the field of Defence, Academic research & RD divisions of various organization and Institutes. We provide services such as

  •       Antenna measurement training
  •       Bringing in State-of-art technology
  •       Antenna test and measurement assistance at testing site

Apart from business, our motive is to develop a Centre of Excellency (COE) to cater the need of RF and Microwave industry and also to keep in line with the current RF/Microwave trends and technologies followed across all the countries. Under the COE, the vision is to bridge the gap between the Academic and Wireless Communication Industries. Our rich knowledge in the Wireless communication test Industry and local market in India signify our uniqueness. Liaising with world leader will also help us to rationalize the recent challenges faced and the list of development strategies followed while bringing in the technology to India.


Through our team of experts Engineers from our Principals Diamond Engineering USA, we provide on-site training to our customers at their premises. This enriches the basic knowledge of RF & Microwave Antenna measurement technologies and nurture brains to excel in RF and Microwave Industry. our expert Engineers will provide inhouse training with hands on hardware testing and intergration services.

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  • picture“Full Spherical Mount“
  • picture“Heavy Duty x250 Series”
  • picture“Heavy Duty x100 Series”
  • picture“Standard x000 Series”